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Rhodium Investments

Some say it will be the "gold of the future", rhodium is a rare metal with tremendous potential for growth.

Let's go through the main issues concerning investments in rhodium metal...

 1. Rhodium is more than 100 times rarer than gold, platinum or any other precious metal.

 2. It's rather unknown to the wide public, most people haven't even heard of it, therefore the purchases of the metal are relatively low - thus, the prices are also exaggeratedly low. Even though it's so rare, this metal is strongly undervalued.

 3. The price of rhodium is bound to rise during the next years, especially because of the effects of the global economic crisis - people will rush into buying gold, silver, pushing their prices very high - rhodium will still be lower, the supply of silver, gold, platinum etc. will get reduced, some will turn to rhodium, stimulating its price's growth

 4. South Africa produces 80 % the World's rhodium. Almost all of the remaining 20 % comes from Russia

 5. It's generally sold in the form of bottled powder. You won't be able to hold a bar or coin. It is slightly toxic and usually sold in sealed bottles.

 6. There are some rhodium bullion bars and coins available as well. Prices of these objects are much higher than the spot price. Partly because this metal has a very high melting point and it's a hard material to work with (as opposed to most other noble metals).

 7. Slightly toxic, rhodium is lethal for certain animals (for instance, rats) and it leaves marks on human skin (it stains).

Conclusions Regarding Rhodium

Rhodium as investment metal is idea for those who have large budgets. It's not the poor man's opportunity to get rich and you will find it hard selling it, very few companies will buy it back from you.

Perhaps outside the USA and Canada, it would be foolish to invest in this rare metal. Most of the very few companies in the World trading rhodium are based in the USA. If you live in Europe or Asia or other parts of the World, you'd rather choose metals that you will be able to sell later.

If you have at least several hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in metals, then consider rhodium when diversifying investment metal portfolio. The price is expected to rise, but the buying and selling process is rather difficult.

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