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Investment Silver Coins and Rounds

One has to distinguish silver bullion coins from silver numismatic coins. Of course, there are bullion coins, which have numismatic value as well, but generally the two are treated separately.

There are "rounds" as well, these are not coins, but similar round-shaped pieces of investment silver.

Let's go through the silver investment coins options that you have...

Silver Bullion Coins

These are pure silver coins. In fact, they have high purity silver as material. These coins are generally .999 pure and aren't alloys.

The bullion coins are produced for investment exclusively. They might have some numismatic value, but these should be taken as "coin-sized" investment metal pieces. This is not money.

The standard size for an investment silver coin is 1 oz. But you will find smaller units available, even 1/10, 1/20, ounce variants available quite often.

The recommended version for investment is 1 oz.

Silver Numismatic Coins

Like numismatic coins in general, these may or may not have high intrinsic value.

Note that numismatic coins are rather "design" coins, not "metal value" coins. Meaning that they're not produced for their pure metal value, but rather for numismatic reasons. There's a plethora of state-minted numismatic coins, which are alloys or, they're pure, but for the sole reason of being numismatic, they have a higher price than bullion coins.

Certain silver bullion coins (like some American Eagle editions) have high numismatic value. Generally the older and the more perfect a bullion coin is, the higher its price will be.

Silver Bullion Rounds

Not coins, but round "slices" of metal. They resemble coins and are generally minted. Quite often privately minted rounds. Their most common sizes range from 1 oz upwards. 10 oz silver rounds are among the most popular ones.

A round might not be easily distinguishable from a coin. They are often close to 100 % identical design to certain coins (they are not fakes, nor remakes, but are very similar to original minted coins). And these are frequently privately minted. One could easily confuse them with the original state-minted coins.


Most people purchase bullion coins. They are pure silver, they are cheaper than numismatic coins.

Rounds might also be an option, these are often even cheaper than the bullion coins, but they're less recognized/less accepted by potential buyers.

Numismatic coins are the most expensive due to their symbolical value. Their design, year of edition and slight properties give them high value. For instance, a certain numismatic coin can cost 3-4 times more (or even more!) than the standard bullion coin variant.

The most popular silver investment coins are the following ones: American Eagle, Austrian Philharmonic, Mexican Libertad, Canadian Maple Leaf, Chinese Panda.

Advice on Buying Silver Investment Coins

 For best investment return, aim at buying bullion coins: the numismatic coins have a symbolical value, but few will care about it, in case you want to sell it - the bullion coin is worth as much as the metal in it, while the numismatic coin is sold for significantly higher prices (but the latter is harder to sell); the bullion coins are also pure silver

 Watch for the bullion coin's price over spot: the spot price of silver is significantly lower than the bullion coin's price, but you will find merchants who sell coins for lower prices, closer to the spot price of an ounce of silver - pick the reliable merchant who sells the cheapest coins

 Buy only recognized silver coins/rounds: avoid privately-minted coins and rounds, as they are harder to sell afterwards, instead, you should purchase the most wide-spread coins

 Any silver is valuable: if you own old silver coins, even if alloys, old stained coins, keep in mind that they have some value - potentially high numismatic value; you might consider selling them for their adequate price (after getting well-informed) and then buy bullion coins with the money

 Buy large amounts, whenever you can: tube-contained American Silver Eagles (and similarly in case of other coins) will cost less bought in packs of 10 or 20 or more, than if you'd purchase them separately

 Buy from reliable merchants: avoid dubious sellers and online auction sites (including eBay), because the amount of fake silver coins is tremendous!

The Best Silver Coins to Buy

But which are the "recommended" silver coins to buy for the sake of long term investment? Let's see... (by clicking on the links below you will get beamed to individual pages descripbing, presenting deep details about each of the listed bullion coins)...

 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 1 oz coin

 American Silver Eagle 1 oz coin

 Chinese Silver Panda 1 oz coin

 Suriname Silver 10 Dollar 1 oz coin

 Australian Silver Kookaburra 1 oz coin

 Mexican Silver Libertad 1 oz coin

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