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Investment Gold Coins

Almost all gold investment coins are bullion coins. Numismatic coins are almost non-existent.

So, in case of gold coins, the typology of items available is strongly different, when compared to the selection in case of silver.

The gold coins, as opposed to the silver investment coins are often alloys. Some of them are pure gold coins, others are mixed with other metals. Yet, they still are investment bullion coins.

The most popular gold investment coins are the following: Canadian Maple Leaf, American Buffalo, American Eagle, South African Krugerrand, British Sovereign, British Britannia, Australian Kangaroo, Swiss Vreneli, Austrian Philharmonic.

Some of these coins, for instance the 1 oz Krugerrand and American Eagle coins are not pure gold (therefore, not 24 k gold coins), but are alloys. The South African Krugerrand gold coin bears the words "fine gold", but in fact this is not true - the coin is a 22 k one, composition is 91.67% Au, 8.33% Cu. It does indeed contain 1 oz gold, but some more copper as well. One can easily observe the slightly copperish colour of the South African coin.

Why are some coins not pure gold?

Well, gold is a very soft material. And because of this, coins can get easily damaged (bent, scratched), so in order to maintain the integrity, the gold is mixed with copper. The most common alloy in case of gold.

The South African Krugerrands and American Eagle gold coins are 22 k coins.

The American Buffalo and Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins are pure 24 k .999 fine. But, these are softer and should be kept in special cases, slabs, boxes or other holders in order to maintain their quality.

All 1, 1/2, 1 oz or other configuration coins from those enumerated contain the mentioned amount of gold. So, the 1 oz is there inside all 1 oz coins, only that there is some more copper in them in order to improve hardness.

Advice on Buying Gold Coins

In order not to comit mistakes that you'll later regret - think well before purchasing any investment gold product and set your own buying rules. Make sure you know why you are buying (collectin or for wealth preservation?) and how much money you're willing to allocate.

Here's some advice on gold coins...

 Only purchase widely-known gold bullion coins: avoid privately minted gold coins

 If possible, purchase with certificate, original packaging: although, this will not be available in most cases, it is important for proving the coin's quality

 Larger coins cost less per gram/ounce: a half or quarter ounce coin will cost more per unit than a whole 1 ounce coin

Recommended Gold Investment Coins to Buy

There's a plethora of gold coins out there, but it's advised you focus on investment coins. Especially if you're a starter.

For details on some of the most popular and best gold investment coins, check the pages below:

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 Sovereign Gold Coin

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