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Hard Assets: Precious Metals and Gemstones -
Facts, Details About Products

Our "Hard Assets" section is dedicated to precious metals and gemstones.
Here's where you can learn the basic facts and understand what types of investment products exist. This helps you make the right choice.

Here you can learn about gold, silver, platinum and other metals, find out about the best investment coins and bullion bars to buy...
You will enjoy the luxury of taking a deep look at the most exciting and popular investment metal products - we will give you more details about coins than you could find elsewhere!

This page is about the hard assets themselves, but if you want to learn more about how to in vest and about new opporunities, then check our Investor's Guide section!

Find out about precious metals on the pages accessible below...

Gold - What You Must Know...

The most traded precious metal, one that you can buy and sell easily in most countries. Let's explore gold's characteristics, qualities and more!

Silver - Basic Facts and Info...

It's also used industrially, despite the fact that it's a highly appreciated precious metal. Silver is often called "poor man's gold". Further details are found in this article...

Let's Learn About Platinum...

White metal that looks similar to silver, but far more expensive. Its price has even surpassed gold's, but currently stands slightly cheaper than its yellowish rival.

Palladium as Investment Metal

A 4th most popular investment metal is palladium. There are only several mines in the World where they extract it, but it's .

Diamonds - Investment Stones...

Pure carbon, yet still a great asset-protector for those who own of financial assets in currency. Consider diamond when you already have well-diversified precious metal holdings.

Rhodium Investments

Another rare metal that's getting rarer and rarer. Rhodium is slightly toxic and it's an irreplaceable industrial metal. There might be opportunities in rhodium investments.

Investment Silver Coins & Rounds

The selection is wide. Which ones should you choose?

Check this to understand advantages, disadvantages of these silver investment products.

Investment Gold Coins

They are made specifically for those who'd like to invest in gold. These coins have a high degree of purity (usually 99 %/24k) and mustn't be confused with numismatic coins.

Investment Platinum Coins

Platinum coins a beautiful and are an alternative to gold. But it will be harder to trade them in most countries. Let's see more about them!

Investment Palladium Coins

This metal is also mass-produced in the form of coins. Less-traded than silver and gold, but you might consider it if you have lots of financial assets to protect.

Investment Gold Bars

They come in various shapes sizes. Notorious bullion manufacturers produce the most often-traded and most recognized pieces sold with original certificates and packaging.

Investment Silver Bars

Far cheaper than gold, the silver bars are far more affordable, costing tens of times less. Oddly, physical silver produced for investment is more rare than gold today.

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