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American Silver Eagle 1 oz Coin

The American Silver Eagle is the most popular precious metal coin out there. It's the most collected one in the Western World and it's certainly the most popular bullion coin in the USA as well.

The price of such a coin was somewhere around 35 $ (on average) and it has a mass of 1 troy ounce - composed of 99.9 % silver.
They say "silver is poor man's gold" (expression often used by investor and author, Robert Kiyosaki - renowned silver expert).

The Silver Eagles are therefore relatively affordable, but many prefer to buy them in tubes of 20 pieces.

These coins are minted at the San Francisco-, Philadelphia- and West Point Mints.

It's interesting to observe that the mintages have dramatically increased throughout the years. 5.93 million pieces have been minted in 1986 alone and in 2008 the number exceeded 20 million! In 2009 30.45 million, in 2010 34.76 million and in 2011 over 40 million of these coins were produced!

The "golden brother" (or "sister", if you prefer) of this coin is the Golden Eagle coin. Somewhat similar in design.

American Silver Eagle
1 oz (1 ounce) investment silver coin

American Silver Eagle coin face
American Silver Eagle coin reverse
Name: American Silver Eagle
Type: investment bullion coin
Country: USA
Mass: 1 troy ounce (31.103 g)
Content: 99.9 % silver
Dimensions: diameter - 40.6 mm (1.598 in); thickness - 2.98 mm (0.1193 in)
Edge: reeded
Mintage (production) years: from 1986
Design: Walking Liberty (1916) - face; Heraldic eagle with shield and 13 five-pointed stars (1986) - reverse
Designer: Adolph A. Weinman - face; John Mercanti - reverse
Face value: 1 $
Sizes, variants available: 1 oz (as of March 16th 2013)


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