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American Gold Eagle 1 oz Coin

The American Gold Eagle is a beautiful bullion coin, highly recognized and it's the most popular gold investment coin in the USA.

This product is being minted yearly since 1986. The older the editions and the lower the respective mintage, the higher the price is for those particular models.

These coins are minted at the West Point Mint, New York.

The coin is labeled "fine gold" on its reverse. However, it's not pure gold! This might sound shocking to you - but don't worry, it does contain the mentioned gold amount (in case of a 1 ounce coin, the coin does indeed contain 1 ounce of gold), only that other metals have been added to it: silver and copper. The other metals are added in order to harden the coin. A pure gold coin would be very soft and wouldn't resist physical manipulation (for example: a humble drop could damage it severely).
This coin is a 22 k gold coin containing 91.67 % gold, the rest is a combination of silver and copper. If you look at this coin and compare it to others, you will easily observe the difference of color nuance. The Gold Eagle looks slightly reddish.

If you're interested in a pure 24 k gold coin, then check the American Buffalo or the Canadian Maple Leaf. Those aren't alloys, but they're a lot more sensitive.

The advantage of this coin is that it's hard enough - you can put it here and there, hold it in your hand.

Selling these "Eagles" (as they're called) should be quite easy, especially if you live in a country where there are gold buyer-seller agents. 22 k coin containing 1 troy ounce of gold should act almost like a fine gold coin. Basically, from the investor's point of view - holding and selling this 22 k coin should be quite easy. Although, there are people and agents that prefer only items that have a fineness of 99 %/24 k.

American Eagle Gold Coin
1 oz (1 ounce) investment gold coin

American Eagle gold coin face
American Eagle gold coin reverse
Name: American Eagle
Type: investment bullion coin
Country: USA
Mass: 1.0909 troy oz (33.930 g)
Content: 91.67 % Gold, 3 % Silver, 5.33 % Copper - (22 k gold)
Dimensions: diameter - 32.70 mm; thickness - 2.87 mm
Edge: reeded
Mintage (production) years: from 1986
Design: Liberty goddess - face; Eagle flying above nest - reverse
Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens - face; Miley Busiek - reverse
Face value: 50 $
Sizes, variants available: 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz


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