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Youth Unemployment Rising
in the Western World

Both in the USA and Europe, unemployment of the youth is a serious problem.

Unemployment in this category of citizens is on the rise and figures are shocking: in excess of 57 % in Greece, 36.9 % in Italy, 55.2 % in Spain, more than 38 % in Portugal, over 24 % in Sweden, surpassing 20 % in the UK (all figures according to Eurostat).

October 2013 figures of the US' Department of Labor, 63.8 % of the country's youth (without disabilities) are jobless.

And when youth unemployment is rising, then riots are more likely to occur and, the migration of the workforce to other countries intensifies.

According to this article by The Guardian, which calls the youth unemployment "a global time bomb", 40 % of the World's unemployed are the young between ages 15 and 24, while they only make up 17 % of the World's total population.

The issue of unemployed youth will stand at the root of future social problems.

The global collapse will be sped-up and deepened by this factor. Of course, the countries and regions having to cope with severe high youth unemployment will suffer the most.

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