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The Greece Scenario:
Country-wide Social-economic Collapse

Following the Greek economic crisis, the Mediterranean country's economy has been held together artificially by the helping hand of the IMF and the ECB.

Greece has subsequently received immense sums as "bailout packages" in order to keep its banking system from collapsing. This was only enough to pay-off part of the debt, but it will not be enough to pay all of it.

Greece is a small country, but it could have a tremendous impact on the other (interlinked) EU economies. The ECB's and IMF's help were meant to stop the triggering of a domino effect-like collapse that could drag other EU economies with it and eventually, putting an end to the euro.

As of today, Greece is struggling with tremendous social and economic crises.
Poverty is on the rise, unemployment rates are skyrocketing and the country's 2013 GDP figure is roughly 30 % below the 2008 numbers.
Imagine the shock of a GDP crashing almost by 1/3 of its 2008 levels!

The country has gradually gotten poorer and poorer. The bailout loans and rescue packages were aimed at the country's financial system - for saving the financial institutions, not the people.

The EU parliament and IMF-imposed measures are saving the banks, while the population suffers in poverty and the country is breaking down socially.

Forced austerity measures have "strangled" the population, while the banks were saved. Many small businesses went bankrupt, violent riots and angry protests became almost part of daily life, immigration rates increased and so did suicide rates!

When the banking sector suffers, the governments rush to save the key players, because their crash could be devastating the economy. But it's a double-edged sword and eventually the population will pull the short straw.

This could happen to your country as well!

If any of this sounds familiar - particularly the phenomenon of the banking crisis, bankruptcies of major financial institutions, then your country might be in the same boat with Greece!

In Europe, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and Belgium are said to be the next countries following the Greek way. Immense debt, high unemployment, weakening (or even negative) GDP growth.

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