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Global Economic Slowdown

Economies throughout the World are either growing too slowly or are experiencing GDP downturn (see more details about this right here).

Slowdown occurs primarily in the Western World. The USA and Europe struggle the most with the lack of prosperity, rising poverty.

Industrial production is weaker in the West, financial bubbles have started popping. The bankruptcy of a single powerful financial institution can bring an entire country down.

But, recently even Chinese exports have dipped, which implicated a diminished industrial production. This is partly due to the West not buying enough from the Asian gigant.

The World's production engine and biggest exporter is China.

If recession occurs in China, it will devastate the global economy (read details). The interconnections are simply far too great. Supply chains will be severely affected, so will production costs and the activities of financial institutions.

The global economic slowdown is the result of a domino-effect. And it's highly likely that it will intensify, unless at least regionally some economies manage to break away and start producing more.

The more isolated an economy is, the easier it will be for it to survive (provided that it enjoys prosperity or, is on the road to prosperity).
Regions like Latin America, Australia, New Zealand would be among those that will have the highest chance of survival.

Previously less prosperous countries (like many in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa) are growing more than the West (e.g. Germany, France, the United States). It's interesting to observe that while socially Greece and Spain are struggling, countries like Angola and Vietnam are evolving rapidly from this point-of-view.

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