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The Euro Collapse Might Not Be Far

The eurozone's crisis is deeper than the USA's crisis and the euro's collapse will most likely occur before the US dollar's collapse.

The over-indebtedness and the social problems in several EU countries are far worse than in case of the United States. Plus: while the US currency has the petrodollar system behind it, the euro has no serious backing-force to sustain it!

Particularly it's the PIGS countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) that are over-indebted and are on the brink of sovereign default. The Greece scenario is an example of what could happen in other EU countries - for instance: Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, but even the UK are at high risk.

Experts have been warning of a domino-like propagation of the mentioned Greek scenario. Spain, Portugal, Italy, France could be next. But other countries, like Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium are also struggling with serious debt accumulation and slow growth issues.

There are endless "time borrowing" measures undertaken, but experts agree - it's only a matter of time when the euro will end.

The most likely scenario that could eventually avoid a total euro collapse would be a drastic contraction of the eurozone.
More productive countries of the eurozone's core like: Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and several other countries (Finland included, probably a few others smaller states as well) could maintain the euro, while others would have to leave.

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