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Energy Resource-related Conflicts
are Spreading

Because we are witnessing more and more energy resource-related conflicts throughout the World, we're getting closer to the possibility of a global economic collapse.

We all know the importance of oil and natural gas and the strong indirect links between them and other commodities - the price of food will skyrocket should petrol become significantly expensive (just to mention a simpler, compelling example).

There is a connection between gold and other commodities, such as oil and agricultural products. In general gold moves almost parallel with the price of wheat (for example). If one goes up, the other acts similarly and vice-versa.

We could easily reach to the conclusion: if food prices soar, you will want to own gold as well.

It's the same with energy prices.

Gold shares strong connections with the price of oil. Thus, more expensive oil means more expensive gold.

There are several exceptions, of course. But commodities are rather well-connected.

Currently we can witness not only oil and natural gas-fields-related open conflicts, but also political tensions, border disputes, which too are strongly linked to natural resources.

The tensions between China and its neighbours in the South China Sea, the Ukraine crisis, the conflicts in Sudan/South Sudan and Mali are just some examples.

The subject of energy resource scarcity is another factor that will bring us close to the possibility of a global collapse.
It's not the mere fact that there won't be enough petrol or natural gas that should worry us, but the fact that scarcity will certainly propagate into other areas - food will be more expensive and currencies will also be affected.

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