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Could Litecoin Follow
Bitcoin's Path?


Missed the opportunity to buy Bitcoins while they were still cheap?

How about Litecoins?

Much cheaper than Bitcoins, the Litecoins are on a drammatical rise. Read more for details!


China Stops Stockpiling US Dollars:
Causes and Implications

It finally happened: China stopped buying US bonds.
How will this affect the US dollar's price and the global economy?
Let's find more out in this little analysis.

The Fed Has Decided:
They'll Taper in January 2014

The Fed has come to a suprising decision at the end of this year: they will cut QE by 10 billion in January already and, they want to continue tapering throughout 2014.

We're Getting Closer to a Global Collapse
The global economy is slowing down, monetary easing is the "trendy way" to pay off debt with more debt.
We're accelerating towards the total global economic collapse.
Further details with concrete facts in this article.

The 10 % Money Saving Rule
Don't have enough money to invest?
Follow this simple rule for saving money and it might actually work for you!

Basic Facts About Gold
What every investor/physical gold buyer must know before buying a single piece of gold!

Diversify Your Portfolio
Hoarding precious metals without a good diversification strategy put in place.
Find further details in this article.

Considering Alternative Investment Vehicles
Your money can devaluate, the government can tax your bank accounts... bonds, treasuries and bank accounts are low-yielding, but all this is not the case with alternative investments!

Thoughts on Achieving Financial Freedom
Some people work hard for money, just to be able to live.
Others are financially free and have money work for them!

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