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VISA and Mastercard
Ban on Russia
Sparks Further Financial Warfare


VISA and Mastercard banned Russian banks following the Ukraine conflict.
Russia vowed to respond to these measures.
This may be the first cannonball fired in the economic war between the West and Russia.


Gold's Price May be Headed for the 1,220's
A recent forecast is expecting gold's price to average around the 1,220's and trade within the 1,100-1,400 USD range throughout 2014.
Concrete facts, details about bullish and bearish forces.

Currency Crises are Breaking Out
Throughout the World

It is no longer a prediction, it is happening.
We are in the middle of severe currency crises. Venezuela, Argentina, Japan, the Ukraine and others are showing signals we should watch.

Learn About Palladium
It's another investment metal, in the class of platinum.
While it's currently less expensive than platinum, there is a tremendous potential hiding behind palladium investments.

China Stops Stockpiling US Dollars:
Causes and Implications

It finally happened: China stopped buying US bonds.
How will this affect the US dollar's price and the global economy?
Let's find more out in this little analysis.

How Precious Metals Can Protect
Against Currency Devaluation

The price of almost anything can oscillate. Even gold's and silver's price...
But precious metals are far more stable than paper assets. Read this to understand more!

Considering Alternative Investment Vehicles
Your money can devaluate, the government can tax your bank accounts... bonds, treasuries and bank accounts are low-yielding, but all this is not the case with alternative investments!

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