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Russia is Preparing to
Bypass the Petrodollar System


Responding to the West's sanctions, Russia is preparing to phase out the dollar from commodity trade.
They will sell natural gas and oil in rubles instead of dollars, euros of other currencies.
Of course, there are further ramifications and this will heavily affect the petrodollar system and the US dollar's value.


Gold Bubble Burst or Correction?
Is gold's bubble popping or are we currently witnessing "only a correction"?
Both terms are being used, but it's not the same thing.
The consequences are radically different.

Marc Faber Still Believes in Gold
Marc Faber has recently said in a Kitco interview that he still believes in gold.
After the price has dropped almost 40 %, the monetary easing measures are still continuing in the World and credits are still growing.

Silver's Tremendous Profit-making Potential
In certain terms, silver is a much better investment than gold and perhaps much better than any other commodity.
Silver has a tremendous profit-generating potential that most don't know about.

Learn About Palladium
Related to platinum, palladium is an alternative investment metal next to silver and gold.
Tremendous potential hides in palladium, which is currently less expensive than platinum and gold.

7 Naive Mistakes Committed by
Beginner Buyers of Precious Metals

During the current global economic crisis, many ordinary people rush to precious metals, which they regard as protective assets.
But most people commit naive mistakes - here they are in this compelling article.

How Precious Metals Can Protect
Against Currency Devaluation

Gold, and silver have earned the reputation of being excellent hedges against currency devaluation.
In times of economic crisis, several ounces of gold and silver can save your wealth, ensure financial security.

Poor Man's Guide to
Precious Metal Investments

You don't need immense funds to be able to buy precious metals. Smart techniques can help the poor invest as well.


New Gold Rush
We Are Living in a New Gold Rush

Since the outbreak of the 2008 global economic crisis, we're witnessing an increased importance given to gold and other precious metals as well.

Many national banks and even low income citizens are turning to gold as a safe haven, in order to protect their wealth.

Global Financial Collapse Time Bomb
Global Collapse Time Bomb:
A Financial and Social Cataclysm is in the Making

Obvious signs are pointing out to a possible major financial and social catastrophe.
A total collapse of the Western financial system is imminent and the concrete signs are obvious.

We can all hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!

Buying Gold Abroad
Buying Gold Abroad: Where and How?

Gold and jewelry markets of some cities are World-famous, but price may be tricky and taxes at airports can fry your wallet.

Dubai, Istanbul, Hong Kong, London, Amsterdam are just a few among the biggest names...

Here are some of the best options, if you want to buy gold abroad...

The end of the petrodollars
Petrodollars: Is The Crash Imminent?

Nevertheless, the dollar is still the most powerful currency and, also the reserve currency of the World.

What's keeping the US dollar so strong? The petrodollar system.

Should the petrodollars fall, the US dollar crumbles.


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