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Is Gold Set to Fall Much Lower?


If we go after investors like Jim Rogers and Marc Faber, then gold's correction phase should be ending.
But there are others who say the gold market is strongly bearish and it can sink as low as 600 $.


Russia Buys 30 Tonnes of Gold
Russia has bought another 30 tonnes of gold in April, propelling its reserves to 1,238 tonnes.
This is Russia's biggest purchase since September 2014.

Gold Has Strong Support Around 1,200 $
Gold is oscillating around the 1,200 $ level following the January spike. It seems this level is crucial for setting the future gold price.
Will gold head below or are we witnessing the start of a new bull market?
Read this article to find out!

Russia Has Launched its Own SWIFT Service
Russia has launched its own SWIFT system, linking nearly 100 credit institutions at the middle of February.

How to Save Your Money
During a Bank Holiday

In crisis times, it's always good to have plans for a potential bank holiday. Here are some tips for getting your money out.
It happened in Cyprus, it happened in Argentina, bank holidays can occur where you live!

Achieving Financial Freedom
Are you a work-slave or are you financially independent from other entities?
Article about the perspectives of attaining personal financial freedom.

Stacking Gold for Pension
Have you thought about putting away stolid gold for your elderly years?
Gold makes an ideal personal pension fund. And it's constantly in your own hands!

What Drives Gold's Price
Understanding the key factors that influence gold's price will help you determine the best times to buy.


New Gold Rush
We Are Living in a New Gold Rush

Since the outbreak of the 2008 global economic crisis, we're witnessing an increased importance given to gold and other precious metals as well.

Many national banks and even low income citizens are turning to gold as a safe haven, in order to protect their wealth.

Global Financial Collapse Time Bomb
Global Collapse Time Bomb:
A Financial and Social Cataclysm is in the Making

Obvious signs are pointing out to a possible major financial and social catastrophe.
A total collapse of the Western financial system is imminent and the concrete signs are obvious.

We can all hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!

Buying Gold Abroad
Buying Gold Abroad: Where and How?

Gold and jewelry markets of some cities are World-famous, but price may be tricky and taxes at airports can fry your wallet.

Dubai, Istanbul, Hong Kong, London, Amsterdam are just a few among the biggest names...

Here are some of the best options, if you want to buy gold abroad...

The end of the petrodollars
Petrodollars: Is The Crash Imminent?

Nevertheless, the dollar is still the most powerful currency and, also the reserve currency of the World.

What's keeping the US dollar so strong? The petrodollar system.

Should the petrodollars fall, the US dollar crumbles.


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